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Supervizer is an applications manager in NodeJS. I create because there is not as comprehensive ^^ NodeJS module. I already use it in production on some of my projects 😉

Github : https://github.com/oOthkOo/supervizer


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  • Start/Stop/Restart a node process
  • Group any node process
  • Start/Stop/Restart a node group process
  • Hot change node process host, port, logs in live 😉
  • Keep alive/Restart a node process when it crash
  • Monitoring resources (restart count, uptime, memory, cpu etc..) for every process
  • Watch directories/files management to restart process
  • Full RESTfull API management via HTTP
  • LOG files process management
  • PID files process management
  • User execution process management by uid:gid
  • Load/Save all node process configuration from/to json file

Movie Projector DIY

Movie fan, I have always wanted a big screen to see my movies and manga in my living room. by educating me on the internet I was able to quickly make my own Cinema Projector !! This projector has been realized with a bulb radium 10,000 lumens, 3 recovery computer fans, LCD controller Samsung brand, 2 9Volts power recovery, 1 curtain 2m x 1.5m to the screen, allogeneic projector and various electronic components purchased from Conrad. Get yours!


My little personal server running on Ubuntu allowing me to store all a number of files (photos, videos, documents etc..) in my home. Here is its small hardware requirements:

Ubuntu (This is powerful? XD)
Silent Case ANTEC
Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at 3GHz
Total RAM 2GB
2 SAMSUNG 1TB drives each
2 interfaces ethernet 100Mb/s
SAMSUNG DVD Writer Dual Layer