Guo 3D Engine

Guo is a project of OpenGL/DirectX 3D engine for the creation of project(s) who have to drawing an 3D environment. The environment of development is Microsoft Visual-C ++ under Windows and soon CodeBlocks on Linux:-). This bookshop will decline in 2 versions, the one for OpenGL 2.0 and the other one for DirectX 9.0c. Directed object, this dll is programmed in C/C ++ for an ease of use. It possesses numerous useful classes (Vertices, Scene, Cubebox, Texture, Object) to exploit in best the possibilities of the 3D APIs.

Static Objects

Object Animations

Particle Effects

Height Maps Objects

Quake BSP Maps Objects

Special Objects and Materials

Shader Special Effects

Camera Path


PackMagic is software to create/open/edit extensions to archive files (*.pak). This archive file format is often used in games to store textures games. It was popularized through play Quake that the employer’s contribution using. That’s why I created this tool in order to extract the textures of my favorite games. Here is information for the list of games that uses this format (

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MasterCross is a tic tac toe game revisited way that we can resize the grid size for convenience.

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