ScreenGraph is an image generator for scientific calculators Texas Instruments Casio Graph 89 and 65. It generates the programming code required to display an image that can be chosen from his computer in BMP format. It is possible to generate a monochromatic or color code as needed.

ScreenGraph (330 downloads)


MaxCapture is a software to make custom screenshots (whole desktop, only one window with a mouse pointing etc ..). It also allows to apply quite a number of filter combinations (red, green, blue, negative etc. ..) after capture 😉

MaxCapture (390 downloads)

Movie Projector DIY

Movie fan, I have always wanted a big screen to see my movies and manga in my living room. by educating me on the internet I was able to quickly make my own Cinema Projector !! This projector has been realized with a bulb radium 10,000 lumens, 3 recovery computer fans, LCD controller Samsung brand, 2 9Volts power recovery, 1 curtain 2m x 1.5m to the screen, allogeneic projector and various electronic components purchased from Conrad. Get yours!